3 Convincing Tactics To Get Your Elderly Loved One Agree To Hearing Aids

21 March 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Between all of the repetitions in your conversations and trying to speak loudly, dealing with an elderly loved one who is having trouble hearing can get to be a frustrating experience. To make matters even worse, it is not at all uncommon for an elderly person who truly needs hearing aids to claim there is nothing at all wrong with how they hear. As a caregiver or just from the perspective of someone who cares, convincing this person to see a hearing specialist can be quite difficult. If you need help actually getting your family member to see an audiologist for help, there are three tactics that may help.

Introduce Someone Who Wears Hearing Aids

In a lot of cases, a person will not want to wear hearing aids because of common misconceptions about how they look and feel. If this is the case with your elderly family member, making your case about their need may come down to them seeing someone else with a hearing aid in action who is satisfied. If they see that the hearing aid is not big and bulky, not uncomfortable, and inconspicuous, there may be a better chance that they will go along with you to see about getting a hearing aid of their own.

Have Your Hearing Checked Together

If your loved one seems to take offense to the idea that you think they cannot hear, a good way to convince them to have their hearing checked is to schedule an appointment for the both of you. Play it off as a way to get both of your hearing checked as a precautionary thing. Once they are at the audiologist's office, they may be more inclined to see what is available when it comes to hearing aids. Furthermore, they may feel less intimidated by the experience if you go along and have the tests performed alongside them.

Talk To the Doctor

Even though your elderly family member likely respects what you have to say about their hearing, their physician can sometimes get through to them in a way that they will take more seriously. If possible, talk to your loved one's doctor about the hearing problem and they may be able to help you with convincing their patient that hearing aids are something that is needed.

Trying to communicate with someone who cannot hear well can get tiring quickly. If you are having issues with convincing your loved one that they need hearing aids, make sure you try these three tactics to help you get the point across. Contact Barth Craig T Ma CCC-a for more information on hearing aids.