Three Times When Urgent Care House Calls Are The Best Choice

18 February 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If an urgent care house call center has opened up in your city, grab that phone number and keep it handy. Urgent care centers not only are easier to deal with than emergency rooms when you need to see someone but don't have a major emergency happening, but the house call versions are also a lot better because they help keep you and others safe. Here are three times when using a house call service is going to be the best option.

You Don't Have a Ride -- Don't Wait for a Taxi

If you don't have a car, getting to an urgent care center is going to be annoying. You have to wait for a taxi and then hope there's no traffic. The stress from that can make whatever is happening seem a lot worse. Instead, if you call a house call service, you can wait and care for yourself at home. You'll still have to wait for a doctor to show up, but you won't have the added stress on yourself from traffic, construction, or other travel issues.

You Think It's Communicable -- Don't Spread It

If you think what you've got is communicable -- maybe you have a fever or have noticed white spots in your throat -- stay home. Call a house call service and see only the doctor and assistant who show up. Don't risk spreading what you have to a taxi driver, other people in the waiting room, or other people you encounter when out and about. By staying at home, you can contain the spread, and the doctor and assistant will be able to take care of themselves and prevent transmitting the illness to the next patient they see.

You've Taken Medication -- Don't Drive Under the Influence

Sometimes the problem you're dealing with is painful or involves fever, allergy symptoms, and other issues that require medication. Unfortunately, a lot of that medication can make you feel drowsy, and that can lead to accidents and possible DUI charges. Instead of risking going out on the road, call the urgent care house call service and let them know what you've taken. Arrange for someone to let the doctor in if you've fallen asleep, or stay by the door so any buzzers wake you up. This is actually a crucial reason for using a house call service because the consequences of trying to drive while on medication can be so severe.

If you have other questions about what happens during a house call, especially for urgent care problems, talk to the services that have opened up in your area and see what they do. Find out how to pay, how to request a doctor, and how tests are done. It's best to have the information now so you can use it later on.