Age Management Medicine: An Introduction For Prospective Patients

24 October 2016
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It has been said for years that aging is just part of the life process and, therefore, something that everyone must accept. However, what if there was a medicinal approach to aging that could help ward off some of those things that come along with getting older? As an aging adult, you should know that there is actually a form of age management medicine that is getting a lot of attention in recent years. Here is a look at a few of the most common questions and answers about age management medicine so you can get a better idea if this is something you could potentially be interested in. 

What exactly is age management medicine?

Age management medicine is a modern approach in medical care designed to combat the usual degenerative physical and mental deterioration and function that usually comes along with getting older. Through proactive treatment methods and intensive evaluations, medical professionals work to provide the body and brain with what it needs to sustain its current processes without seeing the same level of change. This age management treatment usually involves attention to stress management, proper diet, vitamins and minerals supplication, and exercise. 

Who is age management medicine best for?

Age management treatments are best for those who have not already developed severe degenerative mental or physical diseases that can be associated with age. While this treatment cannot necessarily reverse degenerative aging-related illnesses, the preventative measures may be enough to prevent certain issues from developing early in life. However, there are still advantages for those aging individuals at every stage of life. 

Where can you find age management treatment?

Age management treatment is not offered by every medical care facility or treating physician because the idea is relatively new. However, your primary care physician may be able to refer you to a care provider locally who does specialize in age management treatment and medicine. There are also some care facilities that offer extensive treatment approaches geared towards those interested in age management medicine. 

What role does hormone replacement therapy play in age management medicine?

As the body ages, the availability and production of natural hormones often become obsolete or diminished. These hormones can be responsible for everything from helping you maintain a stable metabolism to just feeling good or having a good memory. Therefore, age management treatment can often include hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. 

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