Reasons To Get Contact Lenses

6 February 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

When you have a vision problem, you have a few choices: glasses or contacts. There are a few pros and cons of each, and ultimately the decision is in your hands, but there are a few really positive things that you should know when getting contacts. 

Eye Movement

A big problem with glasses is that you have to be looking directly through the lens. If you are not looking properly through the lens, or if you are not looking through the lens, your vision is going to be completely off. A very nice thing about wearing contact lenses is the contact lens actually moves with your eye. You can look any direction and the contact will move so you have good vision no matter where you look. Since the contact is actually on your eye, the contact does not get wet when it rains. Having water on your glasses can distort and block your vision dramatically. A contact lens will also not fog up or develop a film that distorts and bends light improperly. 


If you are going to be working out or doing other activities often, glasses can be a huge annoyance. They can bounce up and down, rub your nose and ears, and even give you rashes. When you put a contact lens into your eye, you are freeing up your face. You do not have to worry about your glasses falling off or rubbing up against your head. You will be able to move quickly and effectively just like you had perfect vision. You will not have to worry about having them bounce off your face.

Nobody Can Tell

Unless you get contact lenses that are a specific color, people will not even know that you have contacts in. Glasses can look very classy and look very good, but they can also make a person feel self conscious. If you are putting contacts in, nobody will even be able to tell that you have a vision problem. The great thing about contact lenses is that you can put them in and have perfect vision without the hassle of glasses. 


The science behind contact lenses is always becoming more and more impressive. They now have contact lenses that allow your eyes to breathe at the same time providing you with the vision correction that you need. Contact lenses are becoming more popular because of their overall function.