Myths Concerning Ultrasound Achines

27 July 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Investing in an ultrasound machine can be an excellent use of resources for medical and veterinarian clinics. While these machines can provide invaluable information, clinic managers can often be hesitant about buying one of these machines due to the high cost that will be required. This can lead to clinic managers being susceptible to believing myths about these machines, and correcting common pieces of misinformation about these tools can help clinic managers and owners better decide about investing in this technology.

Myth: An Ultrasound Machine Is Bulky Enough To Require Its Own Dedicated Room

It is often assumed that an ultrasound machine will be an extremely large device that will require its own too. While older models of ultrasound machines may have been this large, it is a reality that modern units are much smaller. In fact, it is possible to invest in a portable ultrasound machine for your business. These units can easily be moved by one staff member, and this can allow you to avoid situations where your staff needs to move a person or heavy animal to the ultrasound room.

Myth: Ultrasound Machines Do Not Require Significant Maintenance

Ultrasound machines are extremely delicate and sophisticated machines. As a result, you may find that your unit can start to suffer decreasing accuracy. Depending on the amount of usage that your unit experiences, you might find that it is necessary to have these units serviced twice a year. These visits will allow the sensitive components of the system to be tuned and tested to ensure they are accurate. Also, any moving parts of the system will be serviced to minimize the wear and tear on the unit.

Myth: You Will Have To Send The Data From Your Ultrasound Machine To A Separate Service To Have Images Created

Due to the complexity of these machines, it can be common for individuals to assume that they will have to send the raw results of these tests away to a processing facility before they can view images. However, it should be noted that portable ultrasound machines will be able to process the data they is collected from these scans. This information will often be displayed on a computer screen so you can easily review these scans as you attempt to treat your patient. Depending on the strength of your ultrasound processing computer, these results may take several minutes to be processed so that they can be displayed on the screen. Contact a manufacturer, like Keebomed, for more information.