What To Do When Asprin Won't Solve Your Headache Problems

24 August 2017
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If you are dealing with really savage headaches, and you are at your wits end, and you've found that over the counter pain relievers won't solve the problem, then you need to seek professional treatment. You need to visit a hospital and seek help from the specialists who deal in neurological services and treatments. These experts can bring relief to even the most serous headaches. And, most importantly, they can differentiate between a serious condition that might require immediate medical intervention, and one that might be treatable with minor adjustments in lifestyle of medication. Here are some of the benefits to getting professional neurological treatment.

Determine When A Headache Is A Dangerous Symptom

Sometimes a headache is actually a sign of a very problematic and dangerous health issue. Things such as blood clots, or brain tumors, can manifest as bad headaches. These sorts of headaches are not to be trifled with. Should you ignore the pain, it might end up delaying treatment for something that is quite serious, and in some cases, potentially a deadly issue that might need to be deal with immediately.

The first step when you visit a neurological treatment center is to make sure that they do imagining scans on your brain to see if there is any sort of blood clot, or small tumor, that is present. Once this is ruled out, the process of dealing with the headache.

Prescription Medications

Once the doctors have ruled out something serious such, the next step is to move ahead with some solutions to persistent headaches. One thing that is going to be the first line of attack are prescription medications. These are stronger than what you would get in a store. They can often be used to battle cluster headaches or other severe headaches that can otherwise be super debilitating to the person. These pills will need to be prescribed and you will return to see the neurologist every so often so that they can assess the dose and see if they need to adjust the prescription.


If you have tried pills, and you have found them lacking in efficacy, then you should take a look at injections. These can be used to deaden the nerves, such as with the use of botox, or they can be used to interfere with serotonin (a neurotransmitter that has to do with headaches). These injections are often the best attack on  really debilitating headaches that could otherwise cause a crippling pain that renders you useless.