Need Hospice Care? How Decide Whether To Seek Home Services Or In-Patient Care

13 December 2018
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

When you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are told that you are in the final stages of the disease it can come as a huge blow. Knowing that you may not have very much longer to be alive can be a tough pill to swallow and it's perfectly normal for you to need time to process the news. Once you've gotten over the initial hurdle and are ready to face the practical ramifications of your sickness you realize that you're going to require some assistance. Hospice care is designed to make your life as comfortable as possible. Use the following tips as a key to help you determine if you should receive hospice care out of your home or if it's better for you to seek out in-patient hospice facility assistance.

Let Your Level Of Independence Be Your Guide

A very good way for you to decide whether or not you should be living in an in-patient hospice facility can be uncovered by gauging your level of independence. Is it still relatively easy for you to get around and handle your daily tasks, or do you find yourself struggling to do things that were once considered to be quite simple? The answer to this question should provide you with the compass you need to make the right choice.

If your illness is progressive in nature each day could bring about new changes that take you by surprise. You could be walking around with ease one day and the next morning could have you struggling to swing your legs around and get out of the bed. It's up to you to work closely with your doctor so you'll have a better idea of what to expect. This allows you to determine if you would be better served in an in-patient hospice facility where you'll have access to round-the-clock care.

Do You Have A Strong Support System?

You should also consider whether you have the kind of support system in place that can help you get through this tough period. If family members and friends are busy with their own share of responsibilities you must be understanding enough to note your position and make the kind of arrangements which will improve your quality of life. 

Placing yourself in the best possible situation is sure to make your final days so much more comfortable. Choose well and you should be able to live out the remainder of your days in style.