Are Your Shoes Causing Your Knee Pain?

3 October 2019
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Knee pain is one of the most common reasons people head to the doctor. The knee is one of the largest joints in the body, and it gets more work than many of the others. Therefore, it is fairly easy to cause damage to the knee that causes you to experience pain.

If you have an issue with knee pain, you will probably investigate a lot of likely causes, from being overweight to putting too much stress on a certain knee when you walk or stand. However, if you are having knee pain on a consistent basis, you may want to look down at your feet. The fact is, the shoes you wear can actually be one of the things to blame for pain in your knees. Here is a look at why your shoes can cause your knees to hurt. 

Lack of shock absorbency can be an issue. 

Take a closer look at the soles of your shoes. Are they worn down pretty thin or are they made out of a hard plastic? If so, your shoes do not do a lot to absorb impact when you walk, and some of the shock of each step can mean more stress on your knees with every step. Pick shoes that have a nice rubber sole that will absorb the brunt of the shock when you take steps. 

Lack of arch support can be a problem. 

If your shoes do not have the proper arch support inside of them, it could contribute to some knee pain as well. With each step, you will be putting stress on the arches of your feet, which can cause pain in the feet. Due to the pain in your feet, you will usually try to compensate by using your legs and knees to support your weight to reduce some of the strain. Doing this repeatedly can cause your knees to hurt. 

Lack of ground contact can cause pain. 

If most of the surface of your shoes is not coming in contact with the ground when you walk, it can be related to your knee pain. For example, a woman who wears high heels for long hours is not using her full foot to support her weight; her weight is primarily distributed to her toes and heels instead of her whole foot. This odd weight distribution can put more strain on the knees when you walk. 

Knee pain can have a lot of causes; some of which you may never suspect. If you are dealing with knee pain on a regular basis, reach out to a knee injury treatment center for an appointment.