Symptoms And Tests For Hearing Impairment In Young Children

31 December 2014
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Hearing impairment can sometimes be hereditary. If hearing impairment is common in your family, it is important that you keep a close eye on your child for signs that he or she cannot hear properly. Here, you will learn the symptoms of hearing impairment in small children and the tests that are performed to confirm hearing impairment in children. Symptoms of Hearing Impairment Each day, you communicate with your little one and wait for him or her to respond. Read More 

The Importance Of Family Counseling After A Divorce

29 December 2014
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You might not have been in control of whether you divorced, but you can be in control over how your family is affected by the entire situation by signing up for family counseling. After all, the people affected are not just the adults, but everyone in the family unit. To help you understand just how important this is, you might want to take a moment to reflect on the following benefits that could come from attending family counseling. Read More