3 Effective Ways To Manage Chronic Pain

17 March 2018
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Pain serves a vital function in that it warns you of serious problems within your body. Unfortunately, chronic pain can have a negative effect on your life and make it challenging to complete day-to-day tasks. If you find that your pain is interfering with your ability to lead a normal life, pain management is a must. Finding effective ways to alleviate your pain can help you begin to enjoy life once again. Read More 

3 Ways To Keep Your Child Happily Off Their Feet After Ankle Surgery

24 January 2018
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After ankle surgery, your child will probably be ordered by their podiatrist to stay off their feet while they heal. In addition to making sure that they get to their physical therapy sessions and don't get too behind at school, you'll have the task of keeping them in the house and resting a majority of the time throughout the recovery process. Here's what you can do to make the process more enjoyable for your child: Read More 

Suffering With Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder? A Few Treatments That May Help

7 December 2017
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Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) is a very real, physical disorder that is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is just one disorder in a group that is labeled "chronic pelvic pain." Approximately 30 million women in the United States suffer from at least one disorder from the group. If you find that your body is suddenly, with no explanation, exhibiting signs of sexual arousal, you may have this problem. If the arousal is such that it is painful, it is time to consider your treatment options. Read More 

How To Hide Breast Augmentation Scars

16 November 2017
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If you opt for breast augmentation, you might be wondering if you can hide the scars. The most basic of breast augmentation surgeries goes in through the sides of your breasts but leaves obvious longitudinal scars. Of course, scars are more prominent on people whose skin is drier, older and contains less collagen. The more unforgiving your skin is right now, the more obvious scars will be. However, there are ways to hide the scars so that only intimate partners may see them. Read More 

Stabbing Leg And Hip Pain? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis

30 October 2017
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If you have frequent stabbing pains in your leg and hip, you may be focused on trying to find the cause for the pain in that area. However, pain in your legs and hip could actually be originating in your back. If you're experiencing this kind of pain, a disorder called spinal stenosis could be to blame. Read on to learn more about this condition, how it can hurt you, and what you can do about it: Read More