3 Great Uses Of CBD Coconut Oil

23 January 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

While coconut oil in and of itself is quite amazing, CBD (Cannabis Infused) coconut oil has even more benefits. This oil is created using the leaves of medical marijuana combined with coconut oil. Where marijuana is legal, you can either make this oil on your own using a tutorial, or you can purchase the oil in capsule or some other form. There are several medical uses for this oil, along with many other excellent uses. This article will discuss 3 great uses for this CBD coconut oil,

Ingested Medical Uses

There are multiple medical uses that CDB coconut oil is recommended for. Those suffering from chronic pain, and disabling diseases such as cancer and Dravet syndrome have been recommended to take the oil in order to help improve their medical condition. The oil has also been shown to help lower blood sugar, which may be helpful with diabetes. It could also beahd taken when you get sick because it can also help to kill viruses and bacteria. 

Topical Uses

The CBD coconut oil can also be applied on the surface of your skin in order to help with several different things. When rubbed on swollen areas of your body it has been show to act as an anti-inflammatory. If you have a sore muscle, you can also rub it on this muscle to help reduce some of the pain and tension. The oil can also be used as sunscreen, chapstick, a skin moisturizer, a makeup remover, bug repellent, and even a conditioner for your hair. 

Food Uses

Often times the CBD coconut oil needs to be ingested orally in order for you to receive the medical benefits from it, and adding it to food can be a great way to ingest it. You can simply spread the oil on toast, or you can actually use it as an ingredient in cooked foods. It can be used a a substitute for any other type of oil, and it can also be used in place of butter or shortening. This means that it can be cooked into desserts, such as cookies, cakes, and breads. It can also be used to cook meats and veggies when they are being sautéed in a pan. 

The uses are CBD coconut oil are excellent, and can be taken orally or rubbed on your hair and/or skin. Research is still being done in order to find even more uses for CBD coconut oil, so more uses will likely come in the future.