A Guide to Prevent Lower Back Pain & Help to Alleviate Pain

15 April 2015
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Your body requires maintenance and proper operation, to stay healthy. The problem is most people have not been taught how to use their bodies correctly. The following guide will help you prevent injuries to your lower back. You will also learn how to deal with an injury to your lower back if necessary.

Protect Your Lower Back

According to experts, the lower area of your spine or the lumbar region is the one that sustains the most injuries. Consider the following suggestions:

  1. Aerobics, like walking, should be your priority. Walking increases blood flow and helps distribute healing nutrients-like calcium-all over your body, including your spine. These nutrients fortify and heal your spine should it have small injuries.
  2. Make sure your posture is straight. Hunching puts unnecessary pressure on your lower back and could harm your discs. 
  3. Do not lift with your back, instead use your knees. What you have to do is keep your spine straight and squat in order to lift something using your knees for strength. Do not be afraid to ask for help because that may save your back.
  4. Make sure you drink water because the discs on your spine need to be hydrated. This is important for lubrication and movement. Avoid habits that could dehydrate you, like excessive smoking or drinking.
  5. Stretch your hamstrings to relieve some of the pressure you are putting on your lower back.

Making sure you do the aforementioned tips should help keep your lumbar region as strong as possible. You can also talk to your physical therapist for additional tips.

Signs of a Minor Lower Back Injury

Lower back may still occur no matter how much you try to prevent it. The following are a few symptoms associated with a lower back injury:

  • Stiffness in your back
  • Pain when you bend, stretch, sneeze, or even cough
  • Sharp pains in your buttocks or the back of your thighs

If you begin to notice any of the symptoms above, consider the suggestion below. Small injuries put you in danger of graver injuries, so it is best to deal with it sooner than later.

What Should You Do if You Feel Pain?

You may want to consider physical therapy, which may include some massage sessions. Studies have shown that a massage can help heal discomfort in your lower back. This is because massages can increase blood flow to a particular area, which can help heal lower back injuries. Not to mention just how relaxing a good massage can be.

As you can see, preventing and dealing with a lower back injury can be done.