Three Ways To Minimize The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

2 August 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to achieve the smooth, hairless skin you've always dreamed of having. It works well in the legs, bikini zone, face, and most any other part of the body. Its one downfall is that for some patients, it leads to redness and irritation for a few days after the treatment. While everyone's skin reacts differently and there is no guaranteed strategy for ensuring you don't suffer these effects, there are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of negative side effects.

Go to a dermatologist, not a spa.

Laser hair removal services are offered both by dermatologists and by spas. If you have the treatment performed by a licensed dermatologist, your risk of side effects will be lower. This is because a dermatologist will be better able to analyze the condition of your skin and adjust the strength and placement of the laser accordingly. If they feel your skin may be more sensitive, they can recommend creams and lotions to use afterwards in order to reduce your discomfort. While you may be lucky and get good service in a spa, the technicians at most spas have not graduated from medical school like your dermatologist -- so their knowledge and expertise are less certain.

Stay out of the sun beforehand.

Even if you do not get visibly sunburned, going out in the sun in the days before your laser hair removal appointment may cause microdamage to your skin and make it more sensitive to the hair removal treatment. So, for about a week leading up to your appointment, make sure you're covering up and wearing sunscreen dutifully whenever you go outside.

Moisturize sooner rather than later.

After your laser hair removal treatment, your dermatologist should either send you home with a moisturizer to apply or give you examples of good ones to pick up at a pharmacy. Don't wait until the evening before bed to apply this. Gently moisturize your skin as soon as you get home from your laser hair removal appointment. This way, your skin will have this soothing moisture to draw from as soon as it begins to heal from the laser treatment, and you should experience less discomfort and peeling.

If your skin does become red and sore in spite of following these tips, just remember to treat it kindly by staying out of the sun, avoiding hot showers, and using plenty of moisturizers. You should be back to yourself in no time. Visit a clinic like Ann's Electrolysis Center for more information on laser hair removal.