How To Hide Breast Augmentation Scars

16 November 2017
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If you opt for breast augmentation, you might be wondering if you can hide the scars. The most basic of breast augmentation surgeries goes in through the sides of your breasts but leaves obvious longitudinal scars. Of course, scars are more prominent on people whose skin is drier, older and contains less collagen. The more unforgiving your skin is right now, the more obvious scars will be. However, there are ways to hide the scars so that only intimate partners may see them. (Even then, your partner would have to know what he/she is looking for.)

Collagen Boosters and Lots of Hydration

Talk to your surgeon about hydration and collagen boosters. The more your breasts are ready for surgery, the less visible scarring you will see months from now. Collagen may be injected around and under your breasts to assist with making your skin more resilient. Drinking water, several glasses daily until your surgery, will make your skin less dry and less prone to pulling away from the stitches.

Going under the Breasts

If you ask your surgeon to go underneath your breasts, you may have smaller scars. These scars end up looking like small smiley faces at the bases of your breasts, and because of the weight of your breasts, they cannot be seen without lifting your breasts all the way upward. Additionally, the scars are hidden by underwires or the stretchy support in your swim tops or bras.

Going Through Your Arm Pits

As weird as this sounds, it works. How often do you intentionally lift your arms when you are wearing a tank or spaghetti-strap style top? Even with no armpit hair, most women tend to avoid flashing everyone their pits. That is precisely why scars in your armpits are less noticeable and less embarrassing. There is also the possibility of placing your implants under chest wall of muscle, so your new breasts are more buoyant and perky, and that involves going through your armpits to get under the wall of muscles that lay above your ribs and below your breasts.

The resulting scars end up looking like light and shadow contours for the brief moments that you raise your arms. Most women like this idea, since the scars are also hidden from their partners, even if their breasts are manipulated or pushed upward during foreplay. However, you decide to have the scars hidden from view, be sure to talk to your plastic surgeon in advance.

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