3 Reasons To Consider Lasik Surgery For Better Vision

26 June 2018
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Having vision problems can affect many aspects of your life. Instead of getting traditional contacts, though, you should strongly consider Lasik surgery. This innovative eye procedure provides the following benefits. 

Quick Vision Improvement 

A lot of extensive surgeries today take a while before you see any real benefit. That's fortunately not the case with Lasik eye surgery, though. As soon as its done and you recover, your vision will be drastically better. In fact, the success rate for this all-important procedure is 96%

That's a pretty astounding statistic and almost guarantees better vision, as long as this procedure is executed correctly and you take the right steps during recovery. In terms of specific vision improvements, most patients who undergo Lasik surgery improve their vision 20/40. The rest generally attain 20/20 vision after surgery. Best of all, most patients have better vision the day after the procedure. 

Straight Forward Recovery

Even though Lasik surgery is pretty extensive, recovering from it is pretty straightforward. You just need to follow a certain protocol, such as not touching your eyes, during this recovery process. You also need to limit your physical activity. Being active during this time could actually irritate your eyes and interfere with this surgery's effectiveness. 

To combat dry eyes and irritation, you should take the prescription eye drops that your surgeon will give you after surgery. They'll help lubricate your eyes and make this recovery process much easier to get through. Finally, you need to avoid dirty environments that would cause irritation to your eyes. 

Permanent Results 

Although a lot of people choose contacts to improve their vision, the results offered by contacts are only temporary. You would have to keep your contacts in 24/7 to always have better vision, which is not feasible and actually harmful to your eyes.

That's not the case when you undergo Lasik eye surgery, however. This procedure works by reshaping your cornea, which helps light traveling through it focus on the retina. The end result is permanent vision improvement. You don't have to wear any special apparatus to have better vision, which enhances your comfort throughout the day. 

Sight is one of the most important senses, as it helps you do a lot of tasks each day. If you're struggling with vision and are looking for an effective treatment, consider Lasik surgery. It has been around for decades and can drastically improve your vision, making prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses obsolete. Look for a local medical office like The Eye Center to make your Lasik surgery appointment.