Why Do Auto Accident Victims Need To Visit An Auto Accident Doctor?

30 September 2020
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

When injured during an auto accident, victims may decide to hire an attorney and fight for funds that would come directly from the auto insurance company. During this process for compensation, the auto insurance company will often request that victims visit with an auto accident doctor who can provide an unbiased evaluation. The reason behind that evaluation is to determine how bad the victim's injuries are before the insurance company agrees to provide any money to them.

What Does the Auto Accident Doctor Do For Patients?

The auto accident doctor is a lot like any other medical professional. The physician will complete a thorough evaluation that involves some of the following things:

  • Asking the victim to describe their injuries and the pain associated with those injuries
  • Providing recommendations for treatments, which may include referrals for specialists 
  • Prescribing medication that the victim may need to take because of their injuries

The doctor is there for the patient and wants to find out what is wrong with them to provide the best treatment options to them. Rather than billing the patient directly for the services provided in the doctor's office, the auto accident doctor will send the bill to the attorney who is fighting the case for the victim to ensure that the bill gets paid by the auto insurance company with the compensation provided.

When Is It the Right Time For a Car Accident Victim to Visit the Doctor?

The right time to visit the auto accident doctor is as soon as possible. A victim needs to receive treatment for injuries, whether those injuries are incredibly severe or not. The evaluation performed by a physician helps victims understand the scope of the injuries and the treatment required to get them to feel better. Unfortunately, some treatments only help manage chronic pain that may occur after serious accidents, but it is better for the victim to receive that treatment to get relief than to continue experiencing such serious pain each day.

An auto accident doctor is a medical professional just like any other physician. The doctor will examine the victim of an auto accident, document their injuries, and provide any prescriptions or referrals that the patient might need. The information provided by this doctor could potentially help a victim receive a higher payout from the auto insurance company when the victim files a lawsuit with an auto accident lawyer. It lets the auto insurance company know that the injuries are legitimate.