All You Need To Know About Sports Medicine Doctors

19 April 2021
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Ever suffered a sports-related injury and wondered which doctor to see? A sports medicine doctor supports athletes to prevent, treat, and recover from sports-related injuries. Sports physician explores alternative treatment methods that suit athletes. Seeing a sports medicine doctor may save your life and career.  

Who Is a Sports Doctor?

A sports doctor is a medical specialist in the field of sports medicine. An individual qualifies as a sports doctor after graduating from medical school and undergoing additional post-graduate training in sports medicine. As a branch of medicine, sports and exercise medicine focuses on preventing and treating any injury resulting from sports. Notably, sports medicine is a combination of general medicine and sports science. Importantly, sports medicine benefits athletes and anyone who regularly exercises. 

Sports medicine specialists include:

  • Orthopedic surgeons for bone issues
  • Physical therapists for injury recovery
  • Podiatrist for feet conditions
  • Chiropractors who help musculoskeletal conditions
  • Sports psychologists 

When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

In case of a severe sports injury

One may suffer either mild or acute injuries during sports and physical exercise. The minor injuries include muscle sprains, body strain, and cuts. These slight injuries are treatable by consulting general physicians. However, injuries can be severe with lifetime implications. Severe injuries like broken bones, swollen tendons, knee injuries, dislocation, and backbone problems are ideal for a sports medicine doctor. Common symptoms may include acute pain, sudden swelling, and loss of movement. A sports medicine doctor can quickly diagnose and better manage chronic injuries.

In the case of orthopedic surgeries 

Orthopedic surgery is a specialized medical procedure to treat bone, joints, and muscle conditions. One may need to see an orthopedic surgeon for hip, shoulder, or knee dislocations; broken bones, and muscle problems. In practice, a sports medicine doctor specializing in orthopedics can repair torn tendons and ligaments and align broken bones. Considering that surgeries have a disruptive impact on a sports career, the specialist may recommend non-surgical treatments. 

Preventing and recovering from sports injuries  

A sports medicine doctor plays an integral role in preventing sports injuries and supporting recovering athletes. In preventive sports medicine, individual and sports teams hire physicians to provide professional advice. Sports physicians can examine the players, review training programs and equipment, and counsel on healthy nutrition. The doctor can also design a recovery plan and routine in the post-treatment stage. Services at this level include physiotherapy, pain management, and body strengthening exercises. Thus, sports physicians are ideal for making a quick recovery to sports. 

Sports injuries a common phenomenon. Engaging the services of a sports medicine doctor enhances the quality of care and treatment outcome. Notably, a sports physician offers preventive care and sports development services. Contact a sports medicine doctor for more information.