Drug Process Development Services Can Help You Efficiently Offer Cell And Gene Therapy Products

24 May 2022
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Cell and gene therapies are sometimes necessary to treat rare diseases and medical conditions. There are different methods that can be used and you may need a drug process development service to be able to treat these conditions.

How Gene Therapy Treats Medical Conditions

Gene therapy involves the use of genetic material to treat a condition. A virus transports the genetic material into the cells. For these treatments to be effective, speed is essential. Therefore, you will need to turn to drug process development services for help.

Why You Need Help from a Drug Process Development Service When Offering Gene Therapy

Drug process development services are able to create viruses in-house and are able to scale up production based on the needs of your business. The production of viruses is scalable thanks to automation.

You can also have a box installed on your property that can be used to produce viruses in only a few months so you can efficiently manufacture viruses. You might also need industrial-scale purification of AAV of subclasses.

Why Cell Therapy is Used to Treat Several Conditions

Cell therapy involves the altering of cells that are then transferred into the patient. One example is Car-T cell therapy. This involves the administering of a T-Cell that has been genetically modified. They can be used to treat diseases such as leukemia. 

How a Drug Process Development Service Can Help You Offer Cell Therapy Treatments

Drug process development services can automate the process of creating materials necessary to carry out cell therapy solutions. You will have control over the production processes and will also be able to reduce risk and lower the cost of producing the altered cells that will be used to treat patients. 

To be able to create products with consistency, you will need high-quality media. A drug process development service will be able to acquire high-quality media so that you can make sure that the drugs you are developing will be able to effectively treat your patients.

Drug Development Services are Constantly Evolving

A drug process development service will continue to update its offerings based on the feedback you provide them and based on the needs of your clinic. Then, you will be able to continually improve your processes until you are able to meet your business goals. If you aren't sure if the drug process development service is able to help you with a particular task, make sure to reach out them for a free consultation.