Do You Have Chronic Pain From Herniated Discs?

22 June 2022
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Herniated discs are responsible for a variety of chronic pain conditions. If you have been in pain for many years, you must talk with a professional about getting treatment for your condition.

Are you dealing with herniated discs and chronic pain? Here's what you should know about treating chronic pain.

Lifestyle Changes

Some of the most important steps you take to remedy chronic pain will involve lifestyle changes. For example, your doctor may recommend that you take certain steps to reduce pain when you are at work. You might use different shoes or braces, or perhaps you might learn how to lift items more safely to avoid further injury to your spinal discs.

Your doctor might also recommend losing some weight to relieve the pressure on the discs. Losing weight safely is a good tool for lifelong health, including as a remedy for chronic pain. The key is to lose weight safely under the guidance of a medical professional.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is going to be one of the best tools for helping you reduce pain caused by herniated discs. In physical therapy, the doctor might help you learn how to exercise safely for your body. You might also be introduced to other treatment options, including ultrasound therapy, heat therapy, and massage therapy.

Physical therapy is customized to your needs. Each doctor assesses your specific symptoms to determine what you need to do to build strength that will reduce your pain on a long-term basis. For example, building core strength to improve your posture may be beneficial because your back and abdominal muscles will be strengthened.

Medication for Pain Management

Medication is also a great tool for treating chronic pain. Not only can treatment reduce and control your pain, but it can also relieve other symptoms, like muscle tension, that contribute to your pain.

Different types of medication are available for pain management. If you have chronic pain, you must talk to a doctor about medication, as it can help you get back to the life you are used to.

Get Help for Your Pain

Your pain does not have to cause you discomfort. These remedies will help you get back on your feet and avoid pain in the years to come. Herniated discs can be treated if you take quick action. Talk to a doctor in your area about chronic pain to learn how to treat it and get relief.