Breast Cancer Medication For Treatment: What It Is And What You Can Expect When Taking It

19 January 2023
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If you've received an early breast cancer diagnosis, you are likely experiencing countless emotions, such as fear and panic, unsure of what to expect. While it's incredibly normal to feel this way, knowing that you've had cancer detected in its earlier stages is a good sign, giving you a more significant chance of beating the breast cancer and continuing to have clear scans. Although your physician may have recommended surgery to remove cancerous masses and radiation to help destroy the cancer, you may also need to take breast cancer medication.

What Is Breast Cancer Medication?

There are several types of breast cancer medications available. In most cases, these medicines are prescribed to patients who've completed radiation and have undergone the necessary surgical procedure. The reason for taking this medication is to continue to help the body combat the development of cancerous cells in an attempt to keep those scans clear.

Is the Medication Available as a Pill?

Breast cancer medications are available as a pill that a patient needs to take once daily. The medicine aims to lower an individual's risk of developing breast cancer again by helping the body fight harmful cells that can appear. By putting up a better defense against cancerous cells, many individuals can avoid experiencing the frustration, pain, and discomfort of dealing with another breast cancer diagnosis.

How Long Do Patients Typically Take the Breast Cancer Medication?

Because several types of breast cancer medications are available, it's vital to discuss the length of time you would need to take the medication with a medical professional. In some cases, patients will take their medicine daily for several years, with some taking it to reduce their risk of cancer recurrence for up to 10 years. While it's safe to do so as instructed by a medical professional, you may experience a few side effects from the medication, such as swelling and hot flashes. If you experience uncomfortable side effects when taking the medication, reach out to the medical team that provides breast cancer treatment to discuss your options.

Having breast cancer detected in its early stages gives you a better opportunity to fight against it through surgery, radiation, and breast cancer medication. Although the exact treatment method will depend on what your doctor feels will be most efficient in the fight against cancer found within your breast tissue, you can expect to have a prescription medication prescribed to you in the aftermath of treatment to help you strengthen the fight against recurrence.

For more information about breast cancer medication, reach out to a local clinic.