Ketamine Infusion: A Useful Method For Fighting Suicidal Thoughts

5 April 2023
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Though many people experience depressive and even self-destructive thoughts occasionally, suicidal thoughts are dangerous. Some people may experience them frequently and struggle to resist after a while. Often, suicide is impulsive and occurs when depression and consistent thought patterns push a person over the edge. However, ketamine treatments may help with this problem and keep a person safe.

Understanding How Ketamine Helps With Suicidal Thoughts 

Suicidal thoughts and depression are complex issues that may occur for various reasons. However, doctors know that chemicals like glutamate can impact a person's emotional stability. Glutamate regulates mood and can fight depression and suicidal thoughts when available in high concentrations. Thankfully, ketamine can increase glutamate levels in the brain for many people. 

How Ketamine Injections Work 

Ketamine injections include a concentrated dose of this chemical. First, it is injected into the body, metabolized, and spread to the mind and beyond. It then binds to various receptors in the brain to help produce higher glutamate levels. Even better, it helps glutamate bind more effectively. The result should help improve a person's depression symptoms, especially when paired with traditional treatments, such as anti-depression medications and psychological therapy.

Ketamine Also Manages Negative Thought Patterns 

Ketamine injections also disrupt negative thought patterns that can worsen a person's depression. For example, these thoughts may include suicidal ideation that a person may become obsessed over as the thoughts intensify. By disrupting these negative patterns, ketamine can help individuals stave off suicidal thoughts and manage depression.

Other Steps Doctors Are Taking

Though doctors aren't entirely sure why glutamate helps with depression and suicidal thoughts, they know that ketamine injections help to minimize this danger. As a result, they've focused heavily on researching things like neuroplasticity and how this concept helps people adapt to potential suicidal thoughts and behaviors in their daily lives. By understanding these concepts, doctors can adjust ketamine injections to meet the needs of various people. For instance, they can provide higher ketamine doses for older people with less adaptable minds.

Staying Safe From Suicidal Behaviors 

People with frequent suicidal thoughts who worry about giving in to them may want to talk to their doctor about ketamine therapy. This unique treatment method can help with depression, anxiety, and other mood-related issues. Over the years, therapists have integrated it into multiple treatment modalities. As a result, it's worth considering for those struggling to live a happy and healthy life.

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